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Basket Hilts
Basket Hilts are designed for use in rattan combat to provide protection for the fingers and some parts of the hand.  They
should be used in conjunciton with a gauntlet or demi gauntlet to provide full hand protection. 

Demi Gauntlet
Demi Gauntlet Demi Gauntlet Demi Gauntlet

Armour pictured on this page were all constructed by Scott McCartney.  The images here are all owned and copyrighted by Scott McCartney, or used with permission.

Body Armour
Hand Protection
Fencing Hilts
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All pricing is current as of April 1st, 2009, based on a simple example of each given piece.  Customization and modification to meet the customer's wants and needs may alter the price of a given item. 
All prices are subject to change without notice.