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The helm prices listed here are guidelines based off of a basic 14 gauge mild steel helm, with a satin finish.  polished steel, and heavier gauges are available, along with stainless steel or tool steel at extra cost.  Custom fluting, piercework, brass, or nickel trim are also available at additional cost.

Great Helm
Crusader Helm
Sugarloaf Helm
'Steingrim' Helm
Bascinet w/ Fixed Grille (hinged grille, pigface, etc also available)
T-Faced Barbuta
Unlisted or Custom Helms
Price Varies

Helm prices are based off of a basic 14 gauge mild steel helm.   Heavier gauges are available by request, at extra cost.

Body Armour
Hand Protection
Fencing Hilts
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All pricing is current as of March 1st, 2010, based on a simple example of each given piece.  Customization and modification to meet the customer's wants and needs may alter the price of a given item. 
All prices are subject to change without notice.